Cubzh is the leading platform to play and build collectibles worlds made of cubes, in a completely fair and transparent way with its participants.

Browse an ever-expanding collection of worlds crafted by the community.

Create items and worlds with our open-source Voxel builder.

Own your creations, and earn from your contributions.

When it comes to accessibility and ownership, we do things with a few core ideas in mind.

Cubzh is an all-in-one application that runs on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS & web browsers (Chrome & Firefox) - Download

Cubzh rewards builders creativity and cooperation with a fair and transparent redistribution system based on usage and royalties.

Cubzh’s codebase is open-source and can be found on Github

Cubzh is first and foremost a place for you to have fun with friends!

Creating should be fun and simple, whatever your skills are.

We believe collaboration makes everything better so we decided to encourage it by open-sourcing our core engine.

We give full accountability and transparency to our users in our core decisions and designs.

Creating and earning on the platform is supported by a fair distribution system for creators based on royalties and usage.

The application uses Lua as its main language for both creators and active app development. It is a simple yet powerful language, allowing for a quick and easy onboarding to the wonderful world of scripting.

Our aim is to provide the environment required to quickly create diverse and fun experiences.

Our philosophy can be boiled down as follows : Give users the same tools and ability we have to create worlds and games on Cubzh.

It is the entity responsible for collecting fees and allocating budget to different areas of the project. Allocations are divided between funding for development, and community incentives.

All transactions are 100% transparent, to let anyone see how funds are collected, split and reallocated.

A part of the collected fees is sent to the Reserve as a storage of value for our users. We want to provide a consistent experience for everyone and believe this is the best way to ensure a stable economy.

As a measure of decentralisation, we believe the creation of an assembly to guide and govern the evolution of the platform by consensus is mandatory.

At first, it will be constituted of members from Cubzh team, and will gradually be opened to a panel of profiles from different horizons and expertise. We also want to involve our most active and invested users through expertise and reputation-based trials.

PEZH is the name given to the currency in circulation in Cubzh.

In order to create a stable economy and a reliable storage of value for users, we believe PEZH issuance should be controlled and pegged to a strict value. This ensures creators can safely decide to invest time and skills to focus on their creations without having to worry about monetary issues.

PEZH is only issued when FIAT is added to the ecosystem. It isn’t created from thin air.

Each and every PEZH is backed by the Reserve. This ensures a stable value storage for PEZH.

Locked FIAT can be redeemed anytime by users by destroying the associated amount of PEZH.

This way, we can grow with our community and increase development effort over time.

There are two types of fees collected* :

  • Service Fees (100%)
  • They correspond to services and actions performed between you and Cubzh

  • Trade Fees (2.5%)
  • This fee is taken on any sale between users within Cubzh