Hey! I'm Adrian, co-founder of Cubzh. I like to build tools for builders and get amazed by what they build with them. I also like crazy fun & fast-paced multiplayer video games, except when I lose.


I’m Gaetan, one of Cubzh’s original authors. I like building fast & lightweight software, and used to work on mobile games and developer tools. I love LEGO bricks and board games.


Hi, I'm Petroglyph. I can usually be found wandering around the Cubzh engine, removing bugs and bringing new things to life! I enjoy discussing the future of Cubzh and how to make it happen.


Hello, I'm Xavier, one of the dev. I enjoy playing with friends, either online or in real life. Before Cubzh, I worked in the domain of robotics and human/machine interactions. 🤖


Hi there! I'm Claire, Cubzh one and only Community Manager! Before joining Cubzh's crew I worked on an innovant trading cards game. I love projects with big ambiton! (Let's conquer the World! 💪) I'm also addicted to tabletop RPG, I am a fool for my cat, and like many CM out there, I spend a lot more time on Twitter than I should.


Hey, I'm Corentin, one of the developers of the team. I've been playing and making games for many years, mostly games where you can create things and share it with other players! I also enjoy playing music and discovering new game mechanics through tabletop games.


Hey, I'm Buche. My job is to make sure every part of Cubzh clicks together. Before joining the team I was already working for a game creation platform. When I'm not playing, cooking or gardening, I can usually be found petting the nearest cat.


Hi, I'm Soliton. I'm handling growth marketing at Cubzh!

My mission is to make sure Cubzh is growing at the right pace and in the right direction. Otherwise, I write articles, study the gaming industry, and drink too much coffee while reading old books.


Hey, I'm Moutoo the junior dev on the team. I work at Cubzh on everything I can help with, also I'm currently studying game development, which help me learn new languages and create small games. I enjoy discovering small indie games, science facts and of course all sorts of animals.


Hi, I'm viwrap! I'm addicted to old engines and tech so I often find myself getting sidetracked into huge software archeology sessions.

Before joining Cubzh I worked on a soon to release sandbox game with a similar premise. Besides I just love Lua and C/C++, that's really my only personality trait.