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About Cubzh

Make your own items and worlds, share them, hang out and play with your friends. Enter a world made out of cubes where creativity has no limit!

Cubzh is now on open Alpha and available on Android, iOS Windows and Mac.

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Developer Voxowl

State Open Alpha

Platforms PC, Mac and mobile


Price Free to Play


Particubes is the perfect opportunity to play around with cubes to build worlds of your own and mini-games. Unleash your creativity and share your creations with others!

Here is what’s in store to enjoy Cubzh:

  • Creating and editing your own world made out of cubes
  • Creating individual items that you can freely edit and share with others
  • Share your mini-games so everybody can have fun with it
  • Take part in the community to share your knowledge, skills and promote them!
  • If voxel is something you have considered learning your whole life, Particubes is where you can start to assimilate them easily with fun. For LUA coder enthusiasts, there’s a room for you too! Thanks to the power of community, you’ll be able to progress by connecting with others. You’ll learn at your own pace and easily. Go for it and show us your skills!


    Behind this colorful and lively indie game are genuine and lovely people who want the best for you to have fun. Creativity and smoothness are the most important things for us and we want to offer you an experience you’ll endlessly share with your friends!

    Meet the team on Discord!

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    [email protected]